Contact and Communications Policy

Readers are invited to give comments about the contents of this blog. There are two ways in which readers can air their views.

The first method is by writing in the comments section in each of the entry.

The second method is via e-mail:

All postings in the comment section are considered public material.

All communications done via e-mail will be considered as private communication. All e-mails are considered private and confidential. The identity of e-mail senders will not be made public in this blog. However, some “interesting” contents may be mentioned in the blog; (this will be done in a manner that will not reveal the identity of the sender). Nevertheless, if the sender makes specific instructions, such that all of their e-mail correspondent(s) are to be considered strictly private and confidential, then such e-mail correspondent(s) will remain private and their contents will not be explicitly mentioned in the blog.

There are two very important caveats. The first is that I have a right to reply or not reply all comments and e-mails. The second is: The promises of e-mail confidentiality are subject to the prevailing laws in the place I am currently domiciled in. In this case the relevant laws are state and federal laws that in force in Australia.


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This blog is an experiment. It is an experiment of me trying to articulate my thoughts (whilst at the same time browsing the internet). This blog is a platform where I express my thoughts and musings in a way which is not possible otherwise.

Therefore, to those who read this blog, you are forewarned that the materials here may offend you. In such a case, you are advised to leave. If you are easily offended or are judgemental in any way, then I advise you not to browse this blog.

But for others, please enjoy reading and exploring this blog.

Current Interests
Currently I am interested in Democracy. So at this stage, expect more posts on or relating to this topic. Of course, sometimes I get too bored blogging about this topic. So from time to time, there will be digressions…

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Contact and Communications Policy

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