I came from a bourgeoisie family. I am the only child. I am currently staying with my aunt and cousin in Sydney.

Originally, I am a Malaysian. So one might wonder why I am in Sydney. The answer is that I am studying at a university there. But wait, why my aunt is there? So how do you explain that? And what about the cousin? Actually my aunt was married to an Australian, but then she was divorced. In this blog I will call my aunt as Aunt Sydney. Aunt Sydney has no children – the cousin who is also staying with us came from another aunt. My aunt is currently a free-lance model, not top notch though…just the ones that you may see in the shopping catalogues. But still, she is beautiful. In addition, Aunt Sydney also runs a bridal boutique which is capitalized by herself, three other aunts and by my mother. She is quite well off and her house is quite large. So, I am staying with my aunt as I don’t have to pay for rent and food. My aunt basically provides all the things that I need free of charge (at least from my point of view). In addition, she has bought me all the gadgets that I need such as a hi-fi set and a home entertainment system which is exclusively for my use in my bedroom. My aunt also gives me all the space I want to stack my books. In fact, she dedicates one room which serves as a mini-library for me and for my cousin.

My cousin is also studying, but in a different university. I think Aunt Sydney may have influenced my cousin. Before, my cousin said that she wants to be lawyer, but then after living with my aunt she says she wants to be a model. She is also thinking of setting her own boutique. In fact, during holidays, she is always at my aunt’s shop.

And what about me? What do I want to be? To tell the truth, I don’t know. At first I plan to be an accountant. But after a short stint working at an auditing firm, I found working life is not suited to me. I found out that I prefer being in the library reading about history rather than crunching numbers and auditing financial statements. So I continued to do a post-graduate degree, which is not exactly related to what I do during my undergraduate years.

To tell the truth, I am looking for all the excuses not to go back to the working environment. I dread that one day I have to go back to the working environment.

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And remember, do read the caveats that come together with this blog: A Caveat and other Caveat(s) .


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This blog is an experiment. It is an experiment of me trying to articulate my thoughts (whilst at the same time browsing the internet). This blog is a platform where I express my thoughts and musings in a way which is not possible otherwise.

Therefore, to those who read this blog, you are forewarned that the materials here may offend you. In such a case, you are advised to leave. If you are easily offended or are judgemental in any way, then I advise you not to browse this blog.

But for others, please enjoy reading and exploring this blog.

Current Interests
Currently I am interested in Democracy. So at this stage, expect more posts on or relating to this topic. Of course, sometimes I get too bored blogging about this topic. So from time to time, there will be digressions…

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