Is she a heart-breaker?

Ladies and gentlemen, September 16 was history. I understand that some of you were indeed heart-broken. Too bad, politics are always unpredictable.

Anyway, why not  enjoy ourselves with a beautiful picture of Navneet Kaur. Yes, she appeared before in several instances in this blog.


Picture Credits: Navneet Kaur @ Ragalahari

Isn’t she pretty…???

Picture Credits: Navneet Kaur @ Ragalahari


Ha ha ha

Ok.. perhaps some of you might still be heart-broken despite watching this beautiful actress. Let me tell you one thing – political change always result in heart-breaks. And politicians are always heart-breakers…

But then again… politics.. as in life… are full of heart-breaks and heart-breakers…

Anyway beautiful women such as this one are a potential heart-breaker too…

Have a nice day, my dear readers.



All picture credit to Ragalahari


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