Mahathir – Is He a Defender of Democracy?

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I’m sure many of you are aware of Mahathir’s speech at the recent Mykmu  (Gerbang Tempur Politik Maya Kmu Dot Net ) conference. Perhaps to refresh our memory, I’ll just give you the links from Malaysiakini @ youtube.

Rousing welcome for Mahathir

Mahathir continues his attack on Pak Lah

No previous PM have come from an enemy state: Mahathir

Supporting Ku Li for EGM

It’s not the system but the people that’s bad: Mahathir

If you listen to his speech, you find that Mahathir is actually promoting for more democracy within UMNO. Thus can we say now, that Mahathir is now a freedom or democracy advocate? Is Mahathir a defender of democracy? Of course he is advocating for democracy within UMNO.

I see and I notice that Malaysiakini titled the last part of that speech as: It’s not the system but the people that’s bad… Ha ha… this sounds like a “propaganda” from Malaysiakini eh..??? That title is actually contradicting what Mahathir wants to happen in UMNO. I mean he is on the one hand complaining about the problemns in UMNO so much so that he has to “intervene” in such a way… but if you say that the system is OK but the people is not… then… (readers can fill in the blanks….)

But some (actually quite a few people) say that all of this is a Machiavellian thing… yes Machiavelli…. perhaps some us may want to refer to Machiavelli’s treatise – Il Principe (The Prince)….

So… Is Mahathir a Defender of Democracy?


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